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Infant care at home after discharge from hospital

Developed for RML Hospital New Delhi

Optimal positioning of babies

This training video is developed for RML Hospital, New Delhi

Human Milk Bank

This video is developed for Kalavati Saran Childrenes Hospital, Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi.

Lumbar Punchar

How to do Lumbar Punchar, Dr.Praveen Kumar, Kalavati Children Hospital, New Delhi.

FCC Mothers experiences

Family Centre Care by Dr.Arty Maria, RML Hospital, New Delhi.

FCC PM Award

Family Centre Care project of RML Hospital, New Delhi by Dr.Arty Maria.

Activities of Daily Living

This video clearly give you information about how to take care of low birth weight (LBW) babies in the NICU.

When to initiate feeds and how much to feed LBW infants?

This video doctor explains when to initiate feed and how much to feed a LBW baby who is admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit.

What to feed a LBW infant?

In this video doctor instruct what to feed a low birth weight baby admitted in the NICU.